Kaaren Hoback Tries Different Resists

19 10 2011
Photo EZ stencil product and gutta #1
drawing on transparency on screen Right- finished stencil on left.
Easy as PhotoEZ claims it is. First try was on 8 mm habotai, with Jacquard Water Based Resist straight out of the bottle- stencil lines did bleed out so that each line was about double the drawn width.
They did not “fuzz”. Ok on this particular design. A finer line to start with should compensate.
#2 Sprayed the field with Magic sizing allowed to dry , then applied exactly the same above so only 1 variable. Less “bleed’ but did not completly retain drawn width.
#3 Incomplete- waiting for silk to dry* but will try Jacquard No flow applied to clean silk, then stencil and see which is better.
* My fault- the stencil shifted and shadowed the rose so washed out the gutta and sizing to start over.
PhotoEZ Products

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